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So MTV’s list is out annnnnd.

Macklemore didn’t make it. No I am being serious, they seriously omitted him.

Album sales for the top 10 in the past year.

1. Kendrick Lamar

Complete album sales: 761,000 (woah)

2. 2 Chaniz

Complete album sales: 557,000

3. Rick Ross

Complete album sales: 438,000

4. Nas

Complete album sales: 357,945

5. Drake

Complete album sales: 1,975,000 ( damn drizzy you killing them)

6. Big sean

Complete album sales: 542,000

7.Kanye West

Complete album sales:Cruel summer (good music) 389,000

8. ASAP Rocky

Complete album sales: 245,000

9. Future

Complete album sales: 271,000

10. Meek Mill

Complete album sales: 304,000

And for comprehension sake,

 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 

File:The Heist Macklemore.jpeg

Complete album sales: 420,000

Now not for nothing but these guys are on fire, ‘Thrift Shop” Is everywhere, No seriously EVERYWHERE. 4x platinum don’t lie, and INDEPENDENT. MTV showed it’s Payola colors with this half assed and under baked list. Sway you have fallen so far. They did more then charters Future and Big Sean by being independent, having no big co-sign(which EVERYONE ON THE LIST HAS) and having the best single in recent memory.

Yet MTV shows, Once again, how out of touch they are.

Top Five Topics The Internet Loves that I Don’t…And in all good concussions you should not ether(ok ok just kidding, you can like what you want)

5. Spderman 700


Marvel showing why DC is better….just kidding….Not really.

4. Girls (HBO)


Girls the bold new sex in the city, the REAL representation of single life in the year 2012. Filled to the brim with Nudity and sex almost to the point of pandering…Almost. Some quotes on this Hot new fun Series. 

"I Think Lena Dunham is refreshing and talented. I like her fairytale tattoos. I applaud her willingness to go topless and muffin-topped.

Now truth be told i didnt Know this show existed till the my feed blew up with anger over..stuff that has to do with the show. The over sexualize and under representative Brooklyn shown in the show, to be frank, does not exist. How the actress are all relatives of other more famous people, and something about the dreaded WHITE GIRL PRIVILEGE. Oh Btw shows writer,Lesley Arfin doesn’t seem to share such criticism Famously twitting

“What really bothered me most about Precious was that there was no representation of ME.”


Why I don’t like it you ask? Well it sucks. Its boring, its pretentious its everything wrong with television. Although i enjoy the super awkward sex scenes, that’s all the show really has to offer in my Hubble opinion. It seems as if they are focusing on a special group of people, A group of people that are pretentious and boring……..And drink PBR. Look jokes aside I seriously would enjoy the show if serious attention was brought to the writing, Brookyln is more then a hotbed of sexually active trust fund 20 somethings. There are alot of issues in East new york(gentrification, culture clashes and Good ole fashioned racism) If handled with care Girls could be a major contender in the realm of art addressing the issues of life. until then its just hot steaming pile of  hipster girls having awkward sex, and a plethora of pointless problems.

Yo HBO get it together. 

3. Chief Keef


Chief is Hip-hops new “Now” boy. Once again, Lets Let the internet speak for themselves.

Spin magazine writes,
“He’s made one of the best rap albums of the year, and one of the best major-label debuts in recent memory. What’s more, Finally Rich, the 18-year-old Chicago rapper’s first proper album for Interscope, is almost entirely free of the ass-covering, meddling, and Pepsi-ready timidity that has long been the cynical hallmark of mainstream rap music.”


I first heard of CK through my little brother who admittedly thought he was “trash”. I Listened to his debut and listened to the same thing i heard during his mix-tape days, noise. I respect all forms of expression, but chiefs entire catalog of kill kill music runs its course after two tracks. Sorry spin but in your attempt to give deeper meaning to this sad excuses for a debut you have exposed yourself as truly out of touch with what makes Hip-Hop. (please dont get me started on your half-assed attempt at understanding what makes a diss song good or bad. Or even what makes beef in fact Beef. )

No offense I’m not pulling a B.Dot, you can write what you want about what ever you see fit. but Finally rich, is at best a 5/10 Period.

Rapradar's take on the album…..

"Chief Keef is a terrible rapper. After signing to Interscope in June, he released his debut Finally Rich six months later. Aside from Young Chop’s production (“Love Sosa”, “I Don’t Like” ) Finally Rich is sonically bankrupt. Throughout the project, Keef’s incoherent (“Kay Kay”, “Laughin To The Bank”) and incomprehensible (“No Tomorrow”, “Understand Me”, “Citgo”). When he’s not not rapping in fragments (“Hate Bein’ Sober”), the closest he comes to articulating a sentence is on the title track, “Finally Rich”. Money can’t buy happiness, but at least it’ll help pay for a ghostwriter.”

2. The gun control debate, As it pertains to New Town Conn Massacre

This debate is as old as 1837, no seriously click the link.But I’m not sick of the debate, im sick of monsters warping what happened on 12/14/12 as some sort of launching pad for political statements. Children were killed, At this point we need to shut up and look at ways to stopping something of this magnitude from ever happening again. Its not about YOU or YOUR rights, its about keeping every American safe.

Seriously Cut it out and lets look at ways to improve this country we all clam we love.

1.”fake” Geek-girls.

Ill be honest. I’m sick of this. I’m sick of people calling out “fake geek girls, I’m tired of people defending them. It seems many Internet Activist want to make the term Fake geek girl akin to the word slut. Many blogs have sported up proudly claiming to be fake geek girls ala the same ideal in which the slut walk was formed.

What ever, Pointless

You know whats dumb?  group of people infighting over pointless labels given to them by one another.


A few words on the Obama Vs Romney secret tapes controversy.

Kiki’s Delivery Service(まじょのたっきゅうびん)

 Hayao Miyazaki. Based on the book by Eiko Kadono.

When I decided to do an Anime Article, I wanted to do a movie that no matter how jaded you might be towards Anime movies, you would enjoy. So i ended up on Studio Ghibli ‘s Kiki’s Delivery Service.

What I discovered was one of the most charming, joyous films I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t remember a movie that consistently surprised me as much as this one; Kiki’s is the rare coming-of-age movie that connects with people on both sides of adolescence. The story – based on a popular children’s book in Japan – is about a young witch who ventures from her village and strikes out on her own. The girl, Kiki, wears a dark short trim of hair with a red bow, and is confident, strong-willed, determined to prove herself in the world.

On her 13th birthday, Kiki is required to spend a year away from home to study her skills, in the family tradition, so she flies off and finds a city with a romantic, European style. One of the jokes in the movie is that Kiki doesn’t have any witch skills; all she knows is how to fly a broom, and even that can be shaky. There’s a funny moment when she takes off from her home, with friends and family waving her off. There’s a long buildup, and then she suddenly darts off, crashing into the nearby trees before gaining control. One of the villagers remarks that he’s going to miss hearing those bells on the trees, and you realize that’s because she crashes every time she takes off.

Miyazaki always creates his films with a sense of humor, but he’s never been as open as here. The jokes come one after another, and there’s such great joy in the setups that you can’t help but smile. And the humor avoids the typical cartoon slapstick you get most of the time; the humor is firmly rooted in its heart.

This is, I believe, Miyazaki’s greatest talent; he truly loves to tell stories, and his stories come out of a deep well of his hopes and his experiences. His films may be animated, but they are as emotionally real as the best live-action movies. He loves the movie medium, and you know he would shoot live actors if he wanted to, but using those wonderful impressionist watercolor landscapes is far more his style. Miyazaki is a true artist in an age when movie art is an endangered species.

Kiki’s first steps toward adulthood resonate for me because of those qualities. I can relate to her efforts to find a place to live, to start her own delivery business, to fit in with a city full of strangers who’ve never seen a witch on a broomstick, to fit in with the popular, pretty, stuck-up girls. When Kiki feels awkward in her black dress and longs to look like the popular kids, she feels helpless, and who hasn’t felt like that? Sometimes, there really isn’t much you can do anyway, and you know you have to believe in yourself, but you’ll still be an outsider.

Of course, she does make friends with her good charm, including an expectant mother who runs a bakery (and takes Kiki under her wing), the silent bakery chef, the young adult artist, and a young boy who is immediately smitten and becomes something of a kindred spirit. He shares his love of flying, takes Kiki on a ride on his propeller-bicycle (one of the movie’s high points), and gets caught hanging from a wayward zeppelin.She of course saves him, and the conflict is resolved soundly.

Kiki is in many ways all children trying to find there way. Which is why I choose this movie for my review. In American cinema you would be hard pressed to find such a simple and lovely tale of a young witch fighting her way through such odds. Only a Japanese film could I find the innocence and beauty of youth.

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In Defense of Capcom


Capcom’s made plenty of strange moves lately.

It began earlier this year when they announced that the plug was pulled on Mega Man Universe, which allowed customized levels with Mega Man gameplay. Months later, they pulled the plug on Mega Man Legends 3 and are adamant about that decision, despite a large outcry from the fans. Along with that, Capcom announced that they have no plans to bring Ace Attorney Investigations 2 to North America.

Then Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D was released on the Nintendo 3DS with a pretty odd hitch: you could not reset the game’s save data. To that end, Capcom instructed retailers to not accept this game as a trade-in. So those who buy it are more or less stuck with it. (On that note, I’ve had it for a week and a half now. I’ve played it quite a bit and have thoroughly enjoyed it.)

A weeks ago at San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom revealed Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, an updated version of the fighting game that was released just four months prior to that date. The update is slated for this November.

The most recent decision is that Capcom would be charging for a 3DS demo of Nazo Waku Yakata. The price is only about 2 dollars, but some say that it’s the principle, not the price of putting out a demo with a price tag on it.

Nazo Waku Yakata

People are quick to say that “Crapcom sucks! They’re just trying to suck as much money as they can from us!” or “They don’t care about their fans!”. Let me address a few points that will help one who’s unaware of the situation gain a better understanding.

  • Fan Support Got Strider Hiryu into Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

The fans gave such big support for Strider to be in the roster and were disheartened that he was not in the initial build. However, that has been remedied with the updated version. You might ask, “What about Mega Man?” The thing is, Mega Man did have some support but for two reasons, he was omitted from the roster. One, they couldn’t figure out how to balance his character. Two, there was not as much fan support for him to be in.

Strider Hiryu

On that note, it was because of fan demand that Capcom put Edgeworth into the first Ace Attorney Investigations game.

  • They know how to work with the 3DS.

One thing that Capcom has done with Nintendo’s new handheld, even more than Nintendo themselves, was put its capabilities to use. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition was a launch title that had robust online play, StreetPass functionality, 3D support, and looked almost as good as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions released last year. You can hardly say that for any other game on the system. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D has online co-op, a lot of customization options, and some of the best graphics available on the handheld. The upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations only furthers that point. The 3D could allow the series to become even more immersive than ever before.

The upcoming Nazo Waku Yakata sounds promising by being a game that does not use buttons, but rather the touch screen, mic, and gyroscope controls of the 3DS. Add to this the 3D capabilities and we’ll truly have a 3DS game like nothing else right now.

  • They’re willing to experiment with IPs.

Over the past decade, we’ve gotten such franchises as the Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter, and Sengoku Basara series. Recent titles such as Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective and Dark Void Zero show that Capcom is willing to try out something in addition to their well-established fighting game brands. Besides, we need someone to release games that are not shooters every other week.

So there you go. 3 reasons that come to my mind immediately when someone brings up Capcom and their strategies. Ultimately, can we just simmer down and enjoy what we have? Remember, video games are fun!

Thank you for Posting this, I’m currently writing my second article in which i go in on my thoughts on this whole thing. I’m writing this to reply to you.

Your points are very valid and i understand your sentiments, but it feels like your attempting to put a positive spin on all this mess. I think your missing the major point with in the discontent of capcom fans. We feel cheated. Capcom was “our” Company. They always had the fans interest, or so thats the way it always felt, they weren’t the EA’s of the world, they didn’t nickle and dime us. I think the issue here is simple, We realized they were a profit based company, After three diffrent versions of Street fighter Four, the whole issue surroundingRE:M and now the blatant slap in the face of MVC3 players, we are done.

What burns the most is that, Capcom released a game they knew was getting a full retail update in a few short mouths. They mislead us. They Excited us with preludes to MML3 then canceled it. The points you offered are true, and they do present an otherwise missing silver lining in the cloud of discontent. However it sadly is not enough.Capcom spit in the face of its loyal customers and no matter of support or minimum fan input is going to change that.

Even though i said i wouldn’t i ended up writing alot, sorry PLease check out my Article on capcom coming up in the next few days.

Over analyzing Odd future

I’m sure by now you have at least some sort of idea what odd future is, If not let me provided you with a quick update, Odd future is hip-hop newest force. Lead by its egotistical and charismatic leader 20-year-old Tyler, the creator they have effectively penetrated the industry off wacky antics, gritty live shows, deep almost ominous beats, and matter-of-fact borderline disturbing lyrics.  The group proudly presents upside down crosses and 666(not satanic as much as atheist) as well as the anagram OFWGKTA, which stands for Odd Future Kill Them All.

Not your Fathers hip-hop that’s for sure.

Through this Odd future, and their R-n-B brother in arms Frank Ocean, have become independent darlings. Maybe it’s there F-ck the mainstream attitude, or the rawness of their music that has the underground scene in such a stir. Regardless of the reason they were a constant on the underground Blogs, and Forums for a while leading up to their Jimmie Fallon coming out party. Their performance was heavily hyped, so much so that I found myself scratching my head as to who these guys where, then Tyler dropped Yonkers. A video of the year nominee, and everything and every one was put on notice.

(Thanks alot Kanye)

The group has a myriad of members, but for the sake of simplicity and relevance( no offense mellowhype) I have chosen to only highlight two.(hit up for the rest) Tyler is the head master, the CEO if you will. He is also quite talented. Regardless of how some may view his outlandish personality, he is his own producer video director and writer. He puts forth major work in building the brand that is Odd future. Arguably second in the Blogospere as it pertains to Odd Future, is the youngest and extremely talented Earl sweatshirt.

“The reincarnation of 98 enimiem” he raps during Assmilk a Tyler, the creator produced neck-snapping track in which his talent and the chemistry between the two take center stage.  It’s almost haunting as they trade barbs and really show the world why Odd Future matters. Sadly Earl’s parents didn’t agree and after hearing his drug laced music shipped him away to boarding school, where (we assume, or rather know…Complex…) he has been ever sense. Its sad when one realizes that a major building block in the successes of the group can not be here to bask in the glow of the buzz he helped create. There are various reports, some down right hilarious (earl has been kidnapped by….Steve Harvey?), To border line snarly (Meka of 2dopeboyz fame, states Earl is currently with them); however with out him in the eye of the public no one really knows for sure.

The allure of the group is nothing more then them. Their manager has done an amazing Job selling them, Christian Clancy, former head of marketing at Interscope and cofounder of 4 Strikes Inc. Clearly knows how to market a group, and that isn’t a knock to the Odd future name, rather an honest understanding of their success. He has sold them as themselves, rambunctious crazy ass Cali skateboarders who don’t give a rat’s ass. This combined with the vision that Tyler has and their cult like fan base it seems the sky is the limit. With Tyler racking some VMA nods, the sky seems as if it is in reach.

A major building block in rise of odd future has been, say it with me, BEEF. This Beef stems from two popular Blog sites that; according to odd future, ignored their music, the sites in question are and Now we here won’t agree or disagree with who is right and who is wrong (we find both sides to have valid points). In any case it is pretty jarring hearing Tyler scream “Fuck 2dopeboyz, and nahright “on the flip side the attempted slyness from shake of 2dopeboyz fame posting a Tyler diss-song and then proceeding to pass it off if you will, as nothing. Is also jarring in its all right. Odd Future made through with out the help of two of the biggest blogs in the game. They lambaste them and while the blogs in question could respond they choose not to, As it stands the general public sees Odd Future taking the blogs to task, and Coming out on top; That my friend is amazing.

Odd Future weather you hate them or not, has the deck stacked in their favor. They make big boasts, and have the abilities to back them up. Their live shows are sporadic energy filled events, while their music is mostly in house and has a certain Wu-tang swag that reminds the rap world that posses still exist. They took two of the most outspoken (Nah right’s own eskay rarely hides his disdain for rappers like 50 cent, often calling him Curtis, or boo boo, while 2DB hilariously calls birdman, simply ‘shit) and in essence Won. All the while being open about what they wanted, and carving a space for themselves. Regardless of your opinion, you can’t knock the hustle.

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